Our team is 100% volunteer. All proceeds from our races go directly to funding clean water development, housing, and other basic human needs!

Elkhorn Relay is presented by Doomsday Racing

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We are a group of friends that live in the Pacific Northwest (a few of us decided to move to Utah), we love the outdoors and running and we desire to help others that have an immense need.  So we decided to form a non-profit company that would organize awesome outdoor events and use the proceeds to bless others.  Everyone on our team are 100% volunteers.  Each year after the race is finished we get to send a check to a charity or ministry that is having a positive impact somewhere in the world.

This is most of the Doomsday Racing Board

For years we have tried various fundraising ideas to raise money for the people and charities that are near and dear to us.  A huge yard sale each spring, car washes, bake sales, even collecting old metal scraps and recycling them, brought in enough money to build houses for the homeless, fix churches after natural disasters, dig wells and buy shoes for the shoe-less.  Eventually we burnt out on yard sales, scrap metal prices plummeted and than someone had the great idea that we should start a relay race.  Imagine that, an event that we love to do ourselves, will be a blast to organize and if it grows big enough it could bring in a significant amount of money to help others. 

Our race takes several thousand dollars to put on every year.  So we save what we need for next year and then the rest gets mailed off in one big check to a charity or ministry organization in Uganda, Mexico or India.  Here are some links to the places the money has gone the first three years.


We often get asked 'why Uganda, Mexico or India?  What is so special about those countries?'.  It's hard to fully explain but we've been to those places, seen the need and fallen in love with the people.  When you've looked into the eyes of a starving child, so starving they are on the brink of death, you never forget that.  When you see a child so malnourished that their body has started absorbing it's own skin and hair, that never leaves you.  How about an innocent child dying of aids?  These are the reasons we volunteer hundreds of hours to put on the Elkhorn Relay.  We hope you feel really good about where your race fees are going and please don't hesitate to ask us questions when you come run.  There is a lot of need in the world and we are just trying to help in a really tangible way.