Our team is 100% volunteer. All proceeds from our races go directly to funding clean water development, housing, and other basic human needs!

Elkhorn Relay is presented by Doomsday Racing

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August 8, 2020

* Teams of 1 to 6 Runners 

* 82.24 miles

* Each runner gets a trail leg

* Epic views of the Elkhorn Wilderness

First 5 teams to register - only $400!!!

Top  3 reasons to sign up for the Elkhorn Relay

1. We supply all the volunteers!

That's right, you don't have to bring any volunteers or pay hundreds of dollars to rent them.

2. Finish at the base of a beautiful ski resort with a trail leg!

There will be a party and food waiting for you there.

3. Some of the proceeds go to support charity!

Head over to the 'About' page to learn more about what charities we support.

Ok, just a few more good reasons to sign up

*Perfect blend of really difficult legs to fairly easy ones to accommodate all levels of runners!

*Register for next years race at the finish line for a huge discount!

*The best volunteers ever, we dare you to find better ones!

Elkhorn Relay Sponsors

Join Doomsday Racing for the sixth annual Elkhorn Relay!  You will have the opportunity to explore some of the most magnificent country in the Pacific Northwest.

Your 100 mile adventure will start by heading south out of Hilgard Junction State Park on old Highway 244 along the Grande Ronde River. Once the highway leaves the river you will come to the first of many challenging climbs, and work your way into the backcountry beginning a 20+ mile section of gravel mountain roads.

From here you will begin to catch glimpses of the awe inspiring Elkhorn mountains looming to the south and slowly climb up the backside of Anthony Lakes reaching 7,400 feet altitude! 

After you have climbed 6,000 feet of elevation, you'll finish with a trail leg near the Anthony Lakes Ski Resort.  Every runner will get the opportunity to run on the trails.  Once you've reached the peak, you can set out blankets and chairs to eat and chill at our finish line while your team mates suffer on their last leg.  Want to stay and celebrate?  There are tent camping areas nearby.